Monday, September 1, 2008

B.S. - Before Seattle

I have arrived! First visiting the Pacific Northwest more than 15 years ago, I knew then I wanted to live here - and have been on a quest ever since to move back. Having finally made the transition, I wanted to start a blog to relay impressions from having "Gone Native" in the city I've been dreaming about for so long.

So here it is! I hope others will freely rip off the Gone Native - Your City blog idea and start giving the lowdown on all the great cities of the world - whichever happens to be your passion.

For the moment, it seems as if my B.S. life - Before Seattle - never really existed...or existed in some far off other lifetime (like bad relationships). Having spent the past two and a half weeks getting settled into an old farmhouse I rented on three acres just a stone's throw from downtown (or at least it seems so from where I came from - Houston), I can barely recall my life before being here.

First impression - there are thousand shades of grey here - and every one of them is beautiful.
Pic - view of the sunrise from my back porch.


Pancake Queen said...

Beautiful sunrise!

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